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Many cloud services are growing. It’s very practical, but it raises privacy issues, it makes you dependent on services that may stop tomorrow, it may also have a financial cost with subscriptions, the offer may also not necessarily meet our expectations. For all these reasons, it can be interesting to self-host certain services. This requires a little rigor and some technical knowledge, but the game is often worth the effort. Overview of the few services I decided to self-host, and how to get there.

Note: Some articles in this dossier are starting to date, but the modus operandi is still good.

Shuttle PCChoose and install your server

Before embarking on the installation of software that you are going to self-host, it is first necessary to choose and install a server on which all this will run. It will be a question of taking a sufficiently dimensioned server, but with a low consumption and not noisy to be able to turn 24/24.

Owncloud logo

Your personal and family cloud

Do you want to exchange files or photos with family and friends, back up your photos automatically from your phone, synchronize files between several machines? Rather than go through a third-party service without really knowing what will be done with your files, you can install your own file exchange server with owncloud

Subsonic logo

Your music streaming server

Do you have a large music library? Do you want to access them from anywhere in the world, and even via your phone? You can install your own music streaming server with Subsonic.


Jeedom logoYour home automation

Control your home by finger and voice, create scenarios, manage your lighting, monitor your home in your absence… It is possible to completely manage your home automation internally with a Jeedom server. And it is possible to start home automation without work in your house.


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