Stepn: start well, and receive tokens while running or walking

If you like walking and/or running, if you are interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies , you will be able to mix these two worlds! And along the way, you can earn tokens. All this through Stepn . In short, you will generate passive income by being active!

Stepn: How to get started with Stepn

Download the Stepn app

The first thing to do is to download the Stepn application on your phone. You can find the application in your usual stores, or via the Stepn website .

Buy your first pair of shoes

To be able to run with Stepn, and start earning tokens, you will need to buy a pair of shoes (virtual, for the real ones, I assume that you already have what it takes ?). These virtual shoes are NFTs . The initial cost is quite high, this can be a brake. But we will see that this cost can ultimately be amortized quite quickly if you are regular in your outings and your use of Stepn. As I speak to you, count about 10 SOLANA (SOL) for the first prizes (for common pairs, it can quickly fly away for less common pairs).

The application includes a wallet, you will need to transfer your SOL to the integrated wallet. To then be able to buy a shoe, it will be necessary to pass the SOL from the “Wallet”, to the “Spending”, because the purchases are made with the funds present on the “spending”.

You then have to go to the store integrated into the application, where you will be able to choose and buy your shoe. But beware, there are many parameters to take into account.

stepn boutique store

Stepn: what type of shoes to choose?

You will have to choose the type of shoe, depending on your use and the speed at which you plan to walk or run:

  • Walker : Walking (1-6 km/h)
  • Jogger : Fast walker or jog at a moderate pace (4-10 km/h)
  • Runner : running (8-20 km/h)
  • Trainer : covers all speeds (0-20 km/h), but it will also be more expensive to buy

This choice is therefore important, because apart from the speed indicated, you will have no gain. And within this range the gains will not be constant with speed. I saw this tweet pass which indicates from consolidated data the gains to be expected. To see if these data are reliable, but you see in any case that the gain is not constant.

For my part, I reflected on my habits. I run, but usually once a week, possibly twice. It was quite a bit, because ideally, you have to be able to do one 10-minute outing a day at first. So I left to start on “walkers”, because on the other hand, I walk well at least 10 minutes every day. The gain will be less than with runners for example, but since I can use them daily, this should be more than compensated. For your information, here is the table taken from the stepn whitepaper with the GST won by type of shoe:

stepn whitepaper

How to choose the right shoes based on the criteria?

To start, you ideally need a pair of Level 0 sneakers, with 0 mint (we’ll come back to this on the second article). The characteristics are then broken down into 4 categories:

  • Efficiency ( Efficiency ): the higher it is, the greater the gains in GST (token of Stepn) will be
  • Chance ( Luck ): the higher it is, the greater the probability of having a Mystery Box.
  • Comfort ( Comfort ): at this stage, the usefulness of this characteristic is not yet completely specified
  • Resilience ( Resilience ): the higher it is, the less your shoes will wear out

Here are the min/max values ​​of the attributes according to the type of shoes:

stepn quality min max

To be seen depending on your strategy, but efficiency and resilience will be factors to prioritize in your choices. Ideally, your shoe should also be well balanced. I also put you a quick video of FrenchBorg on these different criteria:

You also have GEM slots on the shoe (see the second article about gems, mint and repairs). Ideally, you should have slots of different colors to be able to act on all the characteristics.

Stepn: Take your first run or walk

You have just bought your first pair of shoes. Congratulation ! You will be able to start your first run or walk with the application. Well, almost, because you will have to wait until you have “energy” available. With a pair of shoes, you will have 2 energy maximum. You will have your 2 energy after 24 hours, because the energy recovers at the rate of 25% every 6 hours (so at the beginning of 0.5 every 6 hours). You will be able to see the progress of the recharge in the home screen of the race section, it is the blue bar:


The yellow bar, on the other hand, indicates your earnings compared to the possible daily earnings. These possible daily gains increase as your trainers level up.

With 2 energy, you will be able to run or walk for 10 minutes. Once the energy is exhausted, you can of course continue to run, but you will no longer be paid in tokens. You can increase the number of energy by buying other pairs of sneakers. Here is the table taken from the whitepaper on this part:

stepn energy

Then all you have to do is turn on your phone’s GPS if it hasn’t already been done and click on “Start”. You will then see the race screen.

stepn race screen

You will be able to see your speed, a green gauge that shows you where you stand in relation to your type of shoe, the distance travelled and below the gains you have live (in yellow).

FYI, on my first test with common sneakers, in level 0, with basic stats and walking about 6 minutes, I hit 3.59 GST. Or 17 dollars during today .

Stepn: Developing your pair of basketball shoes

You have made your first race, so you have received your first gains in GST. With these, you will be able to upgrade your sneakers. To do this, you will have to go to the application on your basketball, and then do “level up”. Depending on the level and type of basketball, it will take longer and more and more expensive.

This table by Krit_Stepn (feel free to check his twitter , you will find many interesting stats on Stepn there) summarizes the costs and time to level up (taking into account the latest evolutions of April 2022):


stepn level up niveau couts


We see that to go from level 0 to level 1, it will take 1 GST and 1 hour. This level up will allow you to have points that you can distribute on the attributes of your sneakers to raise them. You will have the following points depending on the type of basketball:

stepn level up points

In this screen, the basketball has just leveled up, there are 4 points to choose between “Efficiency”, “Luck”, “Comfort” and “Resilience”:

stepn level up screenshot

A video on the subject:

I also advise you to read this twitter thread on a possible strategy to adopt to get started.

You now have all the information to get started on Stepn!

For the other subjets on Stepn, see the second article about gems, repairs and mint on this website.

Disclaimer: This article is not an investment advice, nor a sponsored article. Just an experience sharing on the application, following the exploration of the vast field of cryptoassets

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