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CryptocurrenciesDossier cryptomonnaies

Since their appearance in response to the financial crisis of 2008, cryptocurrencies have made a name for themselves. First through bitcoin, then through altcoins, and now with a very rich ecosystem (DeFi, NFT, Smart contract…).

It is a very rich universe that I invite you to discover, between currencies, decentralized finance, unique works through NFTs, trading bases… In our future, we will no doubt have to rely on everything that revolves around blockchain, so it is important to know how it works.

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3D printing

Do you want to start 3D printing? The subject interests you ?

This file will allow you to get started with your first impressions. By accompanying you on the choice of your 3D printer, on the assembly and the basic settings of the latter, the concerns you will encounter and how to solve them, and finally being able to go to the settings of your slicing software.

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Self-hostingShuttle PC

Want to have your own music streaming server to listen to your favorite artists anywhere in the world? Want to share your photos with your friends and family without going through a third-party service? Want to control your home via home automation?

Find all this in the file on self-hosting. This requires some technical knowledge, and a little rigor, but you will have complete control over all these services without depending on any service.

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