Sorare: start well and progress, the tutorial

As part of the big file on cryptocurrencies, let’s now discuss Sorare, which you have no doubt heard of. Between record fundraising, pro players who get into the game and the rise of NFTs, especially in gaming, it’s a vast subject. Here we offer you an overview of Sorare to know how to start, how to play and how to progress, because it is not always easy at first sight and there are many parameters to take into account. Let’s go together in this Sorare tutorial.

Presentation of Sorare

Sorare is a French start-up founded in 2019 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Monfort. In 2021, with the advent of NFTs in particular, Sorare succeeded in raising the biggest fundraiser in the history of French Tech with a funding round of 680 million euros and a total valuation of 4.3 billion. euros.

Sorare’s idea is to offer player cards in NFT, with different levels of rarity. This is why Sorare is often compared to collections of Panini images that we made as children. But the comparison is very reductive because Sorare offers with these cards a whole game and reward system. As on MPG , the idea is to take into account the performance of players in real life to give a rating to a player.

Sorare: getting started, creating your account

To start the Sorare adventure, you must already register on the platform. To win a free card after 5 auctions, you can go through a referral link . It will always be taken for the future.
An important point during registration is the choice of the 3 favorite clubs. When I registered I did not have this information, but this choice will depend on the first cards you will receive. So choose clubs with good players instead to maximize the chances of having good players in your starter pack. They will be common cards, but they will allow you to progress in the Rookie League, and you can also use a common card up to the rare level.
This being done, it’s time to discover your first cards.

Sorare: building a team for Game Week

The competitions of a game week

Now that you have your first cards, you will be able to participate in your first competition. This will happen in the “game weeks”. There are two game weeks per week. One from Tuesday to Friday, another from Friday to Tuesday. In Sorare, several leagues are covered. You can find in the help the complete list of leagues covered by the game (to date 42 leagues covered). There are leagues in Asia, Europe, America…
You already understand that on certain game weeks, your players will not necessarily play. For example if you have league 1 players, and if the day goes between Saturday and Sunday, you will have no player who will play (and therefore no chance of scoring points) on the game week from Tuesday to Friday .
But first, as you won’t have a lot of cards, it’s better to focus on a few leagues to maximize points on one game week, even if it means not scoring in the other.

When entering a game week, you now have the list of all possible competitions:

Sorare game week competitions

You have different tabs:

  • Common : the competition you will start with with your starter pack
  • Mixed : competitions with specific criteria
  • Limited : open competitions from the moment you have 5 limited cards. You will then find several limited competitions: “all star”, “under 23” (for players under 23), and competitions by continent (champion Europe, challenger Europe, America, Asia)
  • Rare : open competitions from the moment you have 4 rare cards and 1 common card (hence the interest of having good common cards)
  • Super rare : open competitions from the moment you have 3 super rare cards
  • Unique : open competitions from the moment you have 3 unique cards

So let’s start with the “Common” competition.

Compose a team

By entering the team edition, you will be able to choose your players who will participate in the game week. The composition screen looks like this:

Sorare compose a game week team

You will need to choose 5 players: a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker and an extra (who can be in any position).

When you position yourself on a position (for example GB here for the goalkeeper), you have the possible cards on the right. Several elements are important in your choice. Let’s take this file as an example:

sorare player sheet composition

The green square with the 72 indicates the average rating over the last matches. If it’s a “DNP” instead, it means the player hasn’t played. 72 is a correct rating (the rating is out of 100)
The “+3.5%” indicates the bonus that this player has (we will describe the bonuses in more detail).
Everything on the right is important, because we see if the player has a match scheduled for the game week. Here, we see that yes, OM will receive OL. If there is no match scheduled on game week, you will have nothing here, and your player will not be able to score points for your team.

In “stats view”, you have 5 numbers at the bottom of the card. These are the player’s last 5 notes. It is seen here that Mandanda did not play for two games.

You just have to repeat the operation on the 5 places. So the idea is to choose 5 players who will play and who can ideally shine on game week.

Once the 5 players have been chosen, you will have to designate a captain by clicking on the “C” on the chosen card. This will have the effect of adding a bonus to this player. Now all you have to do is cross your fingers and follow the day to see how your players perform in real life in the matches they play. The sum of your notes will give an overall score to the team, and rank you in the middle of all the other managers.

Sorare game weeks and rewards

Depending on the leagues in which you are registered and your ranking, you will be able to earn rewards. These can be very interesting, which explains the craze around the cards of the players who perform.

To find out what rewards are granted, you can go to “Play” and “Prize Pool” in the left menu. All you have to do is enter the competition that interests you:

sorare rewards prize pool

For example, for the next game week in “All star limited”, the first three receive a knock and stumble reward (€346.69 here for the first) as well as a very good limited card. From place 16 to 85, we see that the winners receive a “Tier 1” card, which corresponds to a very good player.

Sorare: Player Rating

The scoring of players in Sorare is based on 3 elements: the decisive score, the complete score and the bonuses. Let’s quickly review the 3 systems to better understand them.

Deciding score

The deciding score is based on the facts related to the player that have a big impact on the game. Whether positive or negative. A holder starts with a score of 35, a substitute 25. Then this score can go up or down. For example, a goal scored or a last pass before a goal will be decisive. A red card also, but which will lower the note. You can see the rating and the detail in the player file after a Game Week. For example, we can see on this sheet that the player scored a goal, which allowed him to obtain a decisive score of 60:

sorare decisive score

Full score

The complete score takes into account many more parameters than the decisive score. It is divided into 5 blocks (general, defense, possession, passes, attacks) and will depend on the player’s actions there too. Again, some actions will raise the note, others will lower it. Let’s take the example of the player above on the same game week and see his complete score:

sorare full score 1 sorare full score 2

We can see the different criteria and the overall score at the top.

If you want to have all the details on the grading system, you can see the official Sorare doc on the subject, as well as a shared Google Sheet file with the full grade criteria .


There are several ways to get bonuses for a card. Already, the map of a current season has a 5% bonus. Then, the player’s experience (when he plays in game week) allows you to have a bonus of up to 10%.

To have all the details and the formulas for calculating XP if you are interested, I advise you to go and see this site .

Sorare: buy a player

Naturally, if you want to progress and grow your team, you’re going to want to buy new players. You have several possibilities for this, in particular via the “Market” menu.

  • Market for new cards : these are the cards that Sorare puts online as and when (the cards are added to the drop account). Managers can then bid on these cards, in ETH (recommended), but also in euros via a credit card. You can filter by rarity, league, player position… to find your gems.

sorare market for new cards

  • Resales : here are the cards resold at fixed prices by the players. You can buy them at the proposed price, make a slightly lower offer, or offer a card exchange.sorare resales
  • Direct offer: note that even if a card is not on sale, you can make a direct offer to the manager holding it. This can be against another card, and/or by offering a prize.

Tools related to Sorare

To go further in Sorare and obtain much more precise information than what the Sorare site offers natively, there are various possible tools.

Sorare Data

The most known. This site offers you a wealth of information on Sorare, the players, the game weeks. You can access it at this address , and log in with your Sorare account.
I’m not going to review all the features of the tool which is very rich, but I will tell you about some very useful features.

  • Lineup builder (via SO5 menu): allows you to have a lot of information to build the lineup of your game week. For example, you will have the player’s graphs, his notes for the last 5 and 15 games, stats on the team he will face… In short, much more information than on the official site.

lineup builder

  • Live auctions and live offers (via the “Market” menu): as on Sorare, you will have the current auctions on the players, or the offers. But the filter criteria are more advanced. In particular, you will have a filter allowing you to have the bids at the player’s floor price via the “price filter” “floor price” option. You will also have an option to have the prices below the average for this player. Interesting for example if you want to buy resale to increase your capital. You can also filter according to whether he is a starter or a substitute, which is also interesting.

sorare data live auctions

Here are some features, but you have many more. I advise you to go to this link for example for the basic functionalities of Sorare data. For example to find a player similar to another.

Sorare lab

A lot of tutorials, possible strategies:

Sorare Club

Information, training, tutorials…

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