Stepn: repairs, gems and sneaker mint

In the first part of this Stepn tutorial , we covered how to get started (from choosing shoes to evolving your sneakers). We still have a number of parts of this move-2-earn application to discover. I suggest you see repairs, gems and shoe mint in this part.

Stepn: the repairs

You made your first outing(s) with Stepn. You then notice that you have a green gauge (in the middle, under the shoe) going down. This is the wear gauge of your basketball (here at 96).

Stepn wear basketball

As you walk or run, the wear will increase. This wear will depend on the resilience of your basketball, the higher it is, the less your shoe will wear.

At some point, the shoe will have to be repaired. Which will cost you GST (and what amounts to “burning” GST). The ideal is to repair as you go, every two or three outings for example. Because a worn basketball will be less effective in winnings. Here is what the whitepaper says about it:

stepn resilience and wear

To repair, click on the gauge, and drag the slider to the right. The cost in GST is listed below:

stepn repair 1 stepn repair 2

Then just confirm, and the repair is immediate.

Stepn: the gems

You will be able to buy gems on the market place, or earn gems in MysteryBoxes. These gems can be placed in the “sockets” of your sneakers to increase or boost your attributes.

The sockets of your sneakers are the 4 colored hexagons that you have at the four corners around your basketball:

stepn gems and sockets

You see the colors are different. Each color corresponds to a type of gem that can be placed on it. Each type of gem boosting a basketball ability (yellow for efficiency, blue for luck, red for comfort and purple for resilience). You understand that it can be interesting in the choice of your shoes to have all the colors to be able to boost all your attributes.
You also see that these areas are grayed out at first. They will sober up one by one as your shoes level up (to levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 respectively). Once sobered up, the area will not yet be accessible, you will have to pay to unlock it completely.

The gems then have different levels, ranging from 1 to 9. Their abilities are indicated in the description of the gem:

stepn gems

Here, the gem adds 8 to efficiency, and boosts the base value (before the addition of level up points) by 40%.

Also be aware that it is possible to merge gems to try to obtain higher level gems.

You can find a lot more information in the section of the Stepn whitepaper dedicated to gems .

I also recommend this video by Frenchborg on the subject:


How to mint a new pair of sneakers

We arrive at one of the big sections of Stepn: the mint.
What is a mint? It is the fact of being able to “minter” (create) a new basketball from two others.

Here is the current price list for the mint, taken from Thebalnave’s twitter (do not hesitate to consult it for regularly updated data). Attention, these values ​​can change, they have just changed often lately (first it was only GST, then GMT, then both):

stepn mint cost


Small parenthesis, it is also one of the black points at the moment with Stepn. The rules change quite quickly, without much notice. The application is in beta, so things are stalling. But when you have invested time and money, you would like to be able to project yourself more easily to choose a strategy. By the way, the costs to level up your shoe in the first article are already over. It is now necessary on certain levels (5, 10, 15, 20) to add GMT also.

Going back to the mint, keep in mind that the more a shoe has already been “parented” during a mint (its number of mints then increases), the more expensive the mint with it will be.

I send you to the section dedicated to mint in Stepn’s whitepaper to have the different rules, percentage of probability associated with mint.

Indeed, depending on the trainers you enter, you will have different percentages of chance of having this or that type of trainer, of having this or that level of rarity….

For example, if both parent sneakers are commons, you will have a 100% chance of having a common shoebox. On the other hand, in this common shoebox, you will have a 3% chance of having an uncommon sneaker.

To launch a mint, you will need two sneakers, each level 5 minimum, and a number of GST and GMT to pay the cost of the mint. One of the possible strategies with the mint is to launch a cycle. You make a mint with two baskets (which therefore go to 1/7 in number of mint) and you thus obtain a basket with 0/7 in mint. With this one and one of its parents, you make a new mint. One of your sneakers therefore goes to 2/7 mint. You can then sell it on the market to pay the cost of the next mints, and so on.

I put you a video of Frenchborg on the subject of the mint:

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